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the Refinishing Process

Since you're checking out our website it's a safe bet you're interested in getting a bathtub, tile, sink, or shower refinished, reglazed, resurfaced, or whatever you want to call it. (It all means the same thing BTW).

Bathboy professional bathtub, shower, and tile refinishing or reglazing is the solution to ugly, gross, discolored, stained, and abused fixtures.

You can buy a tub at menards for $200, but THEY ARE JUNK!!!!  I can't tell you how many times I get calls saying, "It just cracked, its plastic, what can i do?" or "I just stuck my toe right threw the bottom."  This is not a joke.  They don't make them like they used too.

Keep that solid, heavy, quality tub that your house was built with it.  Refinished properly, it will last for decades, cost less, requires less downtime, and is always less hassle.  Most tubs take 4-hours to refinish and can be used in 24 hours.  Replacing a bathtub can take weeks and the cheap plastic junk they are selling in the box stores aren't worth the labor it takes to put them in.

You will probably never have a bathtub or shower as nice as the one your house was built with.  Once you tear it'll never get it back.  DON'T REPLACE YOUR SOLID OLD FIXTURE WITH PLASTIC JUNK!!!

The refinishing process is great, but it does nothing to make your cheap plastic or acrylic tub any stronger.  Once you've replaced that old sturdy well built tub....there is no turning back.  Once you've torn that one-piece shower out, you'll never get one back in.  Don't make this mistake.  We can save your fixtures!!!!  

Your best option is to keep the sturdy and well built tub and give it new life by refinishing it.  A good reglazing can last for decades and is a fraction of the replacement cost, even cheaper than replace it with the cheap garbage they are selling at the box stores.  Your bathtub is a permanent fixture.  We can make it look great for a lifetime, or two, or three......  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????  CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE!!!!!

It makes sense, if your tub is the wrong color, worn out, chipped, stained, or just plain gross...there is room for improvement. 

Replacing a tub cost's thousands and the landfills pay the price.  Refinishing is the GREEN thing to do, there is hardly any waste.  

The process is simple really.  It starts with a deep cleaning, then an acid etch, rinse and dry, masking, two-coats of our new CROSS-LINK III adhesion, and three coats of a High-Solids Poly-acrylic-enamel insures the most durable, glossy, and easy-to-clean surface on the market today.  Ten minutes to dry, recaulk around the tub, and seal the drain with a 5000lbs epoxy.  Okay, It isn't really that simple...during those steps there are a dozens of different things we do to insure you are getting the best looking, most durable, and easy to clean surface possible all while leaving everything else in the room untouched.  The extra little steps are what make the difference.  The kind of things you can only learn after refinishing tubs for as long as we have.........theBathboy is without a doubt, on the cutting edge of chemical technology and we stand behind every tub we do with a three-year warranty.

We are competitively priced but we may not be the cheapest guys out there....but we have....and will fix "the cheapest guys" work when it fails down the road.  Unfortunately, it will cost you more to strip there failure and start over.  It doesn't cost much more to do things right and it's usually cheaper in the end.

Simply put, Bathboy does it right the first time or it gets fixed for free.  We are not in the business of ripping people off.  Consumers beware!!!!  Not every refinisher uses the same process as the Bathboy. 

A tub refinished by the Bathboy will remain glossy, chip resistant, and clean for decades if cared for properly which is pretty simple.  No abrasive cleaners.  No suction cup bathmats. Treat it like your car, do not sand it with a scouring pad.  It is glossy and non-porous...clean-up is a breeze.

The Bathboy, ten-years serving the Greater Rockford area and still going strong.  We travel to Beliot, Janesville, Madison, Freeport, Chicago, Milwaukee, and everywhere in between.    If you are in Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin you are in the Bathboy's service area. 

 E-mail or call If you have any questions, would like a FREE ESTIMATE or would like to schedule a time to get your bathtub, tile, sink, or shower refinished.  Please note, we recommend all other remodeling like floors, surrounds, painting, plumbing, tile, or ANY OTHER REMODELING THAT IS GOING TO BE DONE be done before we refinish your tub.  Get in there with your work boots.  Get adhesive and grout all over everything.  Slam that pipe wrench into that old or ugly tub all you want.  Once you get everything set and the water assured the Bathboy will make your tub look like new again.  We appreciate it if you have all soap, shampoo, and other personal items out of the bathroom.  The cleaner the tub is before the finish is applied the better it will look.  While we always clean tubs, tiles, and is also appreciated if you take a minute and clean the fixture we are working on before we get there.  Our job is gross and messy, but Bathboy is the best there is at Bathtub, Shower, and Tile refinishing and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out,
Michael Bivins
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