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Commonly asked questions

How durable is a bathtub refinished by Bathboy?  How long will it last?

Luckily I know first hand because, not only am I the owner, I'm a client.  I'm 6'3" 230 lbs.....not a small man.  Check out MY PERSONAL BATHTUB.  It gets used everyday since it was refinished 8-years ago.  Just look at the pictures of this 8-year old refinishing (now over 11-years old) on an 80-year old tub!!!!  The results speak for themselves.  This tub was rusty, rough, and soaking up stains.  Would have been in the dumpster if I didn't know better.  Eleven-plus years later and it still cleans up great and looks amazing.  Who wouldn't love taking a bath in this vintage soaker and it has so much character.  I'm so confident in our products I recommend them to all of my friends and family.  Many of their showers, tubs, and tile were done ten-years ago and still look great!!!!!!  Just think how many awesome tubs got thrown away because they didn't know they could have been refinished.


What step in the remodeling process should I have the bathtub, tile, or shower refinished?

We recommend ALL other remodeling like floors, surrounds, painting, plumbing, tile, drains, faucets, and/or ANY OTHER REMODELING THAT WILL BE DONE, be done before we refinish your tub. Get in there with your work boots on.  Get adhesive and grout all over everything.  Slam that pipe wrench into that old or ugly tub all you want.  Test fit that tight fitting tile and slam it into place.  Not to say you have or will do these things.....but if we get called back to fix a chip from a dropped tile or monkey wrench we have to charge you for it.  We don't want you to have any problems with your newly refinished just makes sense to eliminate the most common cause of damage....remodeling.  Once you get everything set and the water running give us a can rest assured the Bathboy will make your tub look like new again and leave everything else untouched.  We are looking forward to hearing from you so give us a call today!!!!  You'll be glad you did.

What do I need to do to get my bathtub ready for refinishing?
Nothing...we do it all.  It does make it easier if personal items are removed from the bathroom like towels, tooth brushes, candles, vases, etc.   The following is common sense in my opinion but worth noting. If possible clean or rinse the bathtub and remove personal body hair and happens all the time and it's embarrassing for both of us. The cleaner the bathroom the cleaner the finished product...we can make any bathtub look great but it certainly helps if things are tidy when we arrive.

How bad is the smell? 
It will smell like a nail salon for an hour or so while we are spraying.  We use a professional exhaust system and the smell typically goes away in a few hours.  Every house is probably won't even smell it if your bathroom has a window in it.

Can we stay in the house?
Yes, you can stay in the house.  It only smells while we are spraying and we use a professional exhaust system to remove the smell as quickly as possible.  Our products are low VOC but it's not something you want to breathe in if you can avoid it. It bothers some people more than others.  We wear respirators because we are exposed to it everyday. If the smell bothers you it may be a good idea to take a break at a neighbors.  The smell will be mostly gone within a few hours and is safe for kids and pets. 

Can old tubs cause lead poisoning?
Yes.  Our products contain a lead blocker...stopping potential lead leaks some old porcelain tubs are known for.

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